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What can TGI Allium do for you?


An all-inclusive, no-compromise management solution

Are you wasting time using a large number of programs and applications to enter, manage and share your data and documents? The TGI Allium solution is an all-in-one management software package that combines ERP + CRM + EDM functionalities with "business" functionalities, enabling you to optimize your workflow from a single, user-friendly interface.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a comprehensive IT solution that enables professionals to manage their entire business. ERP systems use a central database to connect and synchronize different business functions, such as inventory management, sales administration, operations planning and financial management. By consolidating these functions into an integrated system, ERP provides a real-time overview of the business, facilitating decision-making and the identification of opportunities for improvement in all areas of the company. The benefits of ERP are numerous, includingoptimized business processes,improved operational efficiency, reduced costs thanks to the automation of manual processes, and better information management. With ERP, companies can be more responsive to customer demands and market changes.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a technological tool used to manage customer interactions, sales and relationships with business partners. A CRM enables a company to store and organize customer data, while providing data processing tools to help sales managers improve their marketing and sales efforts. CRMs can also help improve the customer experience by enabling the company to track customer interactions, personalize communications and handle service requests more quickly and efficiently.

EDM (Electronic Document Management) software is a computer system for digitizing, managing, storing, searching and consulting corporate documents. It facilitates the management of electronic documents generated by the organization's business processes. Thanks to EDM software, it is possible to centralize all electronic documents within the company, in a centralized manner, while facilitating access for employees.

EDM software is very useful for optimizing corporate information management tasks and centralizing all data in one place. What's more, it enables more effective internal collaboration by providing easy, instant access to documents for all stakeholders. In short, EDM software facilitates documentation management, improves communication and information exchange, and saves considerable time.

TGI Allium features

  • Administrative Management
  • Production Management
  • Purchasing management
  • Sales Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Billing management
  • Controlling
  • Schedule management
  • Integrated messaging
  • Project management
  • Inventory follow-up
  • Graphs and decision-support tools (KPI's)

ERP functionalities

The TGI Solution integrates all the ERP functionalities needed to manage all your company's processes and coordinate its various departments.

CRM functionalities

The TGI Solution integrates operational and analytical CRM functionalities capable of handling sales management, contact management, marketing campaign management and customer service management.

  • Managing prospects, leads and opportunities
  • Commercial territory management
  • Calculation and management of commissions, fees, margins, etc.
  • All-channel marketing campaign management
  • Quotation and order management
  • Customer reminder management
  • History of actions and exchanges
  • Offers and services catalog / Price list
  • Address book and diary
  • Statistical dashboards and graphs...
  • Storage and security of all types of digital documents
  • Document indexing through metadata attribution
  • Advanced search for fast document location, based on multiple criteria
  • Integration and compatibility with word processing and document conversion tools
  • Version management
  • Control document access authorizations according to user roles and responsibilities
  • Search functions and integration of e-mails into your folders
  • E-mail management: archiving and management of e-mails, search functions and integration of e-mail information into your business folders.
  • Electronic signature integration

EDM functionalities

The TGI Solution integrates all the ERP functionalities needed to manage all your company's processes and coordinate its various departments.

Business functionalities

The TGI Solution offers functionalities and technologies capable of automating, facilitating and improving the management, creation, reception and consultation of "business" files, and integrates a range of tools to optimize user tasks.

  • User interface customization
  • Customer database management: centralized storage of customer information, history of interactions, classification of customer preferences, segmentation of customers according to specific criteria, etc.
  • Appointment and calendar management
  • Real-time collaboration between teams and departments: sharing customer information, assigning tasks and monitoring customer-related activities, etc.
  • Advanced customer file management: customization of data fields, automation of recurring tasks linked to customer file creation and management, creation of automated workflows for specific processes, file notifications, access authorization management, etc.
  • Project and collaboration management: track projects, tasks, deadlines and resources, manage documents, workflows and communications
  • Integration with other enterprise systems such as messaging tools, marketing tools, sales management systems, etc.
  • Monitoring sales opportunities and marketing campaigns
  • Employee data management (payroll, working hours, performance, leave and absence, etc.)
  • Email / phone support is included
  • Maintenance and updates included
  • Multiple data backups
  • Access settings and user account administration
  • Define user access levels
  • User interface customization
  • Customize the extranet to your corporate identity
  • Multi-user / Multi-language / Multi-currency

Administration and security

The TGI Solution is based on an infrastructure and technologies that ensure a high level of security and data protection. Based on Open Source, it also enables total customization of the customer interface.

The best alternative for managing your business


Why choose TGI Allium?


The TGI Data Center is located in the Lyon region, in the TGI Private Cloud.


A complete software package that includes Business Application + ERP + CRM + EDM


Package including: software + hosting + support + updates

Access at
distance and

Data access via a simple browser + Access on mobile devices

Rapid deployment

Fast implementation thanks to Saas mode and easy-to-use solution

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