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Customizable, open-source, full-web management solution

As a specialist in the development and integration of the iDempiere open-source solution, TGI offers integration services for the iDempiere ERP/CRM solution, a flexible, modular solution that provides a development framework for creating a tailor-made management system with customized functionalities.

TGI recognized as French leader and iDempiere system integration specialist

iDempiere: the complete ERP / CRM solution

TGI integrates and adaptsiDempiere ERP to your business, providing you with the key functions you need to manage all your company's processes and coordinate its various departments.

iDempiere ERP is available in the TGI Cloud for secure access to your data 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

The benefits of open-source

The essential element of a dedicated business ecosystem

An active community

Specific developments, bug fixes and regular improvements by a community of iDempiere experts

No licensing fees

For an investment dedicated solely to the optimization and specific development of your infrastructure

A long-term solution

No suspension of development: the system grows with your business and adapts to your changing needs

TGI added value

Recognized mastery and international renown

TGI, a major player in the iDempiere community

TGI's French specialists have won awards for their expertise and contribution to the development of the iDempiere software package.

  • French accounting
  • French translation
  • Integration of updates proposed by the iDempiere community
  • Analysis and specific developments
  • Server and database hosting on the secure TGI Cloud
  • Starting aid

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For more information on the iDempiere solution and details of the open-source software community project, visit the official iDempiere website.

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