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TGI is an ESN (SSII) that covers all the expected areas of expertise.
Founded in 1982, TGI today benefits from recognized expertise, particularly in the fields of development, consulting, facilities management, virtualization and hosting.


A service package included with your software for turnkey integration of all our management solutions


A state-of-the-art French cloud that guarantees the confidentiality of your data


R&D dedicated to innovation, progress and creation

"Our aim is to build lasting relationships with our customers and partners, to develop solutions that are like you, in a climate of trust and sharing."

TGI services


We support companies throughout the deployment, integration and installation of our software, solutions and products, with responsiveness and efficiency.

At TGI, we focus on the quality of our customer service, which is recognized for its personalized attention and availability.

Our aim is to provide quality services combining cutting-edge technology, expertise and customer satisfaction

We remain present throughout the deployment of our solutions, intervening before, during and after the start of your project.

Hosting: the TGI Cloud

The advantages of a 100% Web-based Cloud solution


The TGI Data Center is located in the Lyon region of France, in the TGI Private Cloud, and uses multi-backup technologies.


Mobile information system: accessible from any workstation, using a simple web browser


IS management fully supported by TGI: backups, software updates, outage management, hardware upgrades...


A Cloud solution means you don't have to buy servers or expensive special hosting equipment.

Your data, our security

The TGI Data Center, located in France, is available for hosting servers and workstations.

Secure and high-performance, it enables us to host all or part of your IT infrastructure and make applications available in SaaS mode.

Predictable, controlled costs thanks to flat-rate monthly billing

Availability and accessibility.


  • Centralized information system: sharing documents, data, etc.
  • Mobile information system: accessible from any workstation, using a simple web browser.
  • Constantly updated information system.

Hosting allows you to rely on experts with extensive, recognized skills. Helpdesk available in real time.

Thanks to our hosting solutions, you can forget all about IT constraints (backups, software updates, failure management, hardware upgrades...).

Our technical staff take care of everything, so your information system management is totally transparent.

Consulting & Development


We carry out an assessment of your information system, analyzing its risks and limitations, and making recommendations for its development.


TGI's technical experts evaluate and identify the best solutions and tools for your business, based on your objectives, needs and resources.


We put our expertise at your disposal to meet your specific needs or to work with you on a customized development project.


TGI relies on new technologies and continually invests in developing its products and solutions.

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