The software pioneer for insurance adjusters

The main focus of EXPERT-PRO application is quite simple : simplify and automate routine tasks, long and boring researches related to expertise cases.

In order to achieve it, Expert-pro supports cases management, from creation to backup, following constitutive actions, lead time track and reporting.
Many automatisms and research functions are provided for the greatest user’s comfort. All multimedia standard formats are supported and embeddable to all levels.

Expert-pro will be also your partner for your office management, while supporting its organization (calendar, co-workers time management, address book, reports, statistics…) and its financial structuring (invoicing and endorsement management, accounting entry exportations…)

Expert-pro is a multi-lingual and multi-currency application, accessible by multinational companies and offices which undertake expert assessment worldwide.

Local mode or Hosting mode

Expert-pro specifically can be deployed locally or remotely.

  • For offices which want to devote themselves to their business, without needing to manage application maintenance, neither to have to updating, neither be worry about hardware renew and without the need to invest in servers or new workstations, Expert-pro can be deployed in hosting mode.

  • For offices that want to manage themselves their server maintenance and hardware, and want to retain their entire information within their own data center, Expert-pro solution can be deployed locally, on client’s site.

  • DARVA certifications

    (-- FRANCE ONLY --)

    EXPERT-PRO is interfaced with DARVA. We passed DARVA building and DARVA Web Services IRD certification constituted in sending case tracks to DARVA (comments, predictable delay, acknowledgement of receipt, post report information, lack of the aggrieved party) jointly provided with documents, only for comments and in a optional way (photos, Word, Excel, PDF, etc…documents). This procedure allows the user to avoid connecting to the DARVA portal in order to do cases tracking.